Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sensor Pictures

Film Making

The Company by young "Turks" Sensor Pictures is a dynamic film production and distribution company formed with the objective of producing genre-driven films and working with young talents to bring new energy to Indian cinema.

A new generation of film professionals with background in marketing, production, post-production, media and extensive network connections both locally and internationally, Sensor Pictures aims to combine creative talent with alternate resources in financing & distribution, and produce quality titles suitable for worldwide audiences.
"Sensor Pictures" is an initiative by Rahul Singh, a Commerce graduate and a creative designer turned entrepreneur, successfully started and running "Enlisted Consultancy Services" a Recruitment, Training and Media Solutions Firm based in Mumbai. Having a quality experience in media industry is an add on for Sensor Pictures. 4 years experience as a creative designer for a multi national company. He is a young, highly energetic, risk taker, innovative, solution provider.

Vision and Mission We at "Sensor Pictures" don’t have any typical "Vision and Mission" apart from entertaining and providing good cinema according to the audience taste. This is our only vision and mission.

Sensor Pictures is a full service production company focused on feature films, commercials, music videos and new media content. While producing our own original content, we also work with studios, music labels, advertising agencies and individual clients to create a wide variety of unique, ground breaking projects. Some of our expertise are as below:-

What we do

Feature Films


TV Show production


Music Concerts

Music Videos

Sound Recording

Commercial video shoots

Promotional Videos




Motion Graphics


In progress (Just for start-up)

2 Marathi Feature film: Low budget
2Hindi feature film: Medium budget
1 Hindi feature film : Big budget

If you want make video album in cheapest budget than mail us.

If You Want to invest in movies for great returns than mail us.

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